Videoconferencing Bridges Political Dialogue

content image“Awesome” was the word used by a POLI 329 student referring to a videoconference session with Brock University, Ontario, on November 4. Dr. Doreen Barrie from the Political Science department invited her Alberta and Provincial Politics students to hear a presentation by Brock University professor Garth Stevenson on intergovernmental relations. This interactive session offered University of Calgary students the opportunity to question and discuss political viewpoints with a noted scholar in the field.

“The feedback was very positive. I think videoconferencing is a valuable teaching tool that enables us to tap into expertise anywhere in the world. I have linked up with scholars in the UK, Australia and New Zealand on previous occasions”, says Dr. Barrie.

The Teaching & Learning Centre’ four videoconference rooms are available to the campus community for sharing courses between institutions, bringing in guest lecturers and noted scholars for course presentations, holding meetings and interviews, conducting PhD/Masters exams, and collaborating on research. The technical staff at the Teaching & Learning Centre manages all logistical and technical arrangements, pretest each videoconference, and monitors each session throughout.

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