Advanced Learning Object Hub Application

content imageAloha was inspired by the diverse needs of educational professionals to index work in an easily shared and accessible manner. To this end, ALOHA has been designed to accommodate any type of mark-up and to allow searching and sharing of objects. For example, objects marked-up in the popular formats IMS and Dublin-Core are both easily handled by ALOHA, unlike other systems that are restricted to a particular format. It's easy to extend a schema to suit specific needs and still have it co-exist alongside other formats. A document, then, is still searchable, along with the rest of the objects. ALOHA ties in seamlessly with online servers, making work easily accessible by others. Or, if desired, work can be restricted to a certain group of people, or even to just one person. In addition, the CAREO website serves as a front end to ALOHA. Objects marked-up in ALOHA are immediately accessible through CAREO.

ALOHA Website

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