Womens Domestic Violence Health Policy Development (WDVHP)

content imageThe Womens Domestic Violence Health Policy Development project brings together researchers from Calgary, Canada and Perth, Australia with local community partners and partners in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Thailand to develop an international research team, a governance structure, and a Global Health Research Program (GHRP) Development Proposal.

The Teaching & Learning Centre is assisting this international group with online meetings and collaboration. Our role is to ensure that participants can connect in a timely and cohesive manner through the University of Calgary's online learning tool Blackboard and Centra.

Their common research interest is to look into how domestic violence policy is developed and used in these countries, paying close attention to how indigenous women and their concerns are included

WDVHP Website

Connect with us: 5th Floor Bio Sciences, Phone: 403-220-4949 Email:lcfeedbk@ucalgary.ca

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