Inquiry & Blended Learning Scholarship Dissemination Grants


The University of Calgary has been a leader in supporting innovative inquiry and blended learning course redesigns. It also believes in the importance of the scholarship of teaching and learning. As a research university, one of the responsibilities we have is to understand the successes, challenges and short–comings of implementing innovations such as the inquiry and blended learning projects. It is equally important to share these insights with others so we can build upon these efforts. To support the scholarship of inquiry and blended learning, the University has created this grant program.

The Award

Each year inquiry and blended learning redesign projects will have the opportunity to apply for a one–time grant of up to a maximum of $1000.

Eligibility: Any faculty member who has received an Inquiry & Blended Learning Course Redesign Award will be eligible for one grant (within any 3 academic years).

Criteria: This grant is intended to directly support expenses related to designing, conducting and publishing research on teaching innovations related to the inquiry and blended learning projects and for travel to present a paper at a conference based on the results of a study that describes lessons learned in the course redesign and implementation. Proposals will be assessed on:

  1. relevance to the goals of the redesign
  2. implementation of course redesign
  3. research methodology
  4. plan to disseminate study results

Ethics Approval: All research that involves the use of human subjects must be reviewed and certified as acceptable by the appropriate University Research Ethics Board.

Selection Process: Inquiry and blended learning project leaders may apply. An interdisciplinary selection committee composed of five distinguished senior faculty from a range of Faculties and Departments, and two students will make the selections.

How Often Awarded: Each year there will be up to ten grants given.

Application Deadline: May 15th of each year

Inquiry and Blended Learning Scholarship Dissemination Grant Proposal Application Form
A MS Word template which can be used to prepare your application

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