The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning is dedicated to better understanding and improving student learning. It is both a building and a community that extends well beyond the building’s walls.

The Taylor Institute brings together teaching development, teaching and learning research, and undergraduate inquiry learning under one roof.

The institute supports building and sharing teaching expertise; integrating technologies to enhance learning; and conducting inquiry to improve student learning. Through the College of Discovery and Innovation, the Taylor Institute offers undergraduate students opportunities for inquiry-based learning, experiential learning and interdisciplinary research.

For more information on the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, please download our 2015-2016 Annual Report

The building

The Taylor Institute is the first building in Canada dedicated solely to improving postsecondary teaching and learning.

The groundbreaking building is located at the heart of campus, supporting the institute’s work to build communities and link networks. The building was designed with three guiding principles: flexibility, transparency and collaboration.

The most striking feature of the building is the 220-foot-long translucent glass spine, which glows like a beacon at night. Inside the building, the Taylor Institute’s learning spaces are fully flexible and infused with technology, allowing instructors and students to experiment with advanced teaching and learning approaches.

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The donation

The Taylor Institute building was made possible by a $40 million donation from the Taylor Family Foundation.

Don and Ruth Taylor share a passion for inspiring students and supporting the development of teachers. That passion led the Taylors to make their extraordinary gift to provide a building for the Taylor Institute for teaching and learning.

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The people

Three different groups, each with a distinct focus, make up the Taylor Institute, with a common purpose of better understanding and improving student learning.

The office of the Academic Director provides leadership and visioning for the Taylor Institute, and supports the scholarship of teaching and learning.

The Educational Development Unit supports the teaching development of instructors and graduate students, curriculum development, course and instructional design, and integration of learning technologies.

The College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation provides undergraduate students with opportunities for inquiry-based learning, undergraduate research and experiential learning.