Taylor Institute Spaces

The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning is at once a building for innovation, a community of colleagues, and a collection of activities dedicated to better understanding and improving student learning. The Institute gathers people from across campus to inspire and be inspired by new pedagogical thought, conversation, and practice.  The building was made possible by a generous donation by the Taylor Family Foundation to realize these goals and was designed with great attention to transparency, inquiry, collaboration, and flexibility.

The Institute's first floor is envisioned as an environment for creative practice and inquiry in teaching and learning, and the second floor houses the workspaces of the units of the Taylor Institute.

Anyone using these spaces should first read the Principles and Policies for Taylor Institute Spaces.

Before using one of the learning spaces, please refer to the guides for instructors and students.

University Courses
Are you teaching a course that is listed in the University Course Calendar?
The Taylor Institute's first-floor customizable learning spaces are dedicated to intentional teaching and learning projects conducted in University of Calgary courses. Courses that have been hosted in the Taylor Institute are listed here.
Activities Related to Teaching and Learning
Are you planning an activity that focuses on post-secondary teaching and learning?
When there is space available, the Taylor Institute welcomes members of the campus community to host activities designed to better understand and improve student learning and the teaching that facilitates that learning.
After Hours in the Public Spaces
Are you hosting an evening or weekend event?
On weekends and after 5pm on weekdays, the campus and broader community may rent the Taylor Institute's atrium, forum, and gallery for learning events through Conferences and Events Management.
Filming and Photography
Are you wanting to use the Taylor Institute for a photo or video shoot?
Videographers and photographers who wish to shoot in the Taylor Institute must book one of the public spaces through Conference and Event Management. If capturing footage where people are recognizable, videographers/photographers must ensure the appropriate waivers are in place. When filming in a public space, a notice must be set up advising people of filming/photography happening during the designated time. In order to limit disruption to student learning and the activities of the Taylor Institute, filming and photography is limited to weekends and weekdays after 5:00pm. To book one of the Taylor Institute's spaces for filming/photography, please contact Michelle Pellerin at Conference and Event Management (403-210-7558, pellerim@ucalgary.ca ).