Teaching and Learning Grants


Funded by the Provost's Office, the University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grants are designed to enhance students' learning experiences at the University of Calgary.

Specifically, they support the development, implementation, critical examination, and dissemination of innovative, evidence-based approaches to student learning (see image right) in order to achieve the following goals:

  1. integrate research evidence into teaching practice,
  2. generate new knowledge about teaching and learning at the University of Calgary, and
  3. disseminate the results of that work to benefit others.

Grant streams

These grants support different types of projects through three structural streams:  

  • Practice Grants, 
  • Lesson Study Grants, and 
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Grants. 

Learn more about each of these streams.

Special topics

We invite applications on any issues relevant to teaching and learning.  However, if you're looking for a topic that's supported by an institutional strategy, plan, or framework, the University of Calgary has a variety of strategic initiatives. For instance, within each of the three structural streams above, there is a special topic track for projects that integrate experiential learning into the design of a course or program. We also encourage (but don't require) projects that support other strategic initiatives (e.g., mental health, indigenous education, sustainability, internationalization, learning technologies). Learn more about these special topics.

Adjudication process and criteria

Applications will be adjudicated by one of five committees according to specific criteria.  Learn more about the committee structure, the adjudication process, and the criteria by which applications are evaluated.


For details about who can be a Principal Grant Holder and who can be otherwise involved in a Teaching and Learning Grant application, view full eligibility information.


Practice Grants and Lesson Study Grants are eligible for up to $7,500.  SoTL Grants are eligible up to $10,000 per year (individual projects) to $20,000 per year (collaborative projects).  Learn more about budget guidelines and details.​


Applications for the Teaching and Learning Grants are invited once per year and consist of two files:

  1. one of the following Word forms for the appropriate stream:   Practice Grant form,  Lesson Study Grant form, or SoTL Grant form,   
  2. and an Excel template for the budget.

How & Where to Submit:  To manage submissions and adjudication of the Teaching and Learning Grants, we are using an online manuscript management system. Please use  these step-by-step submission instructions.  (NOTE: if your signatures are in a PDF rather than the Word application form, please upload the Word application form as described in the submission instructions, but email the PDF directly to tigrants@ucalgary.ca)

Questions about applications and submissions?  Email tigrants@ucalgary.ca   [Questions about the required signatures? Click here.] 

Timeline for 2017-18 grants

Application Support from the Taylor Institute

Faculty and staff from the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning will be available in drop-in consultation sessions and workshops to support applicants in developing their proposals, and ongoing SoTL programming throughout the year will help grant recipients make progress and do high-quality work. See details below:

Application Deadline  

  • February 7, 2017

Announcement of 2017-18 Grant Recipients

  • June 1, 2017

If you are awarded a Teaching and Learning Grant, please see "Starting Your Funded Project."

Expectation of Recipients

Recipients of Teaching and Learning Grants will

  • follow the process outlined in “Starting Your Funded Project
  • as soon as possible upon receiving notice of award, apply for ethics certification (required for release of funds) and follow an ethics protocol for research involving human subjects--if relevant;
  • follow University of Calgary procedures to have their project reviewed by Research Services and set up in the Research Accounting system;
  • implement the proposal as approved (adhering to budget, evaluating impact on learning, following the timeline, disseminating, etc.), unless changes requested in writing are approved by the Grants administrators;
  • attend, as possible, gatherings of grant recipients at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning;
  • submit a Progress Report halfway through the project (required for release of second-year funding for two-year projects), as well as a Final Report that will be made public; and
  • share the results of the completed project with relevant audiences as outlined in the proposal, and through a Taylor Institute online showcase.

Previous recipients

2014-15 projects
2015-16 projects
2016-17 projects

For questions about the grants, please email tigrants@ucalgary.ca