The Taylor Institute is committed to building on the experience and expertise that academic staff and instructors bring to teaching and learning at the University of Calgary. We support individuals and groups to share knowledge and build teaching and learning capacity across campus.

Teaching Academy

The Teaching Academy is a working group of instructors who have received University of Calgary Teaching Awards recognizing their contributions to teaching and learning. The members of the Teaching Academy are committed to developing teaching and learning expertise at the University of Calgary, by communicating the importance of teaching, modelling the potential for teaching and research integration, and investing in a positive teaching and learning environment on campus. A major focus for the Teaching Academy is the establishment of a structure for peer mentorship and peer consultation on campus.

Teaching Scholars program

The Teaching Scholars program provides support for faculty to enhance their educational leadership by pursuing initiatives that enrich the quality of teaching and learning. Recipients will receive up to $40,000 over three years to implement a specific teaching and learning initiative.

Communities of Practice

The Taylor Institute supports groups of people who wish to form communities of practice around areas of common interest. Communities of practice are member-driven, and provide an opportunity for peers to share, discuss, showcase, connect and learn about an area of interest.