Teaching Development
The Taylor Institute fosters the development of teaching practice at the University of Calgary, with the goal of enhancing student learning. The Taylor Institute supports instructors in all aspects of their teaching development, advancing practices whose impact is supported by research.
The Taylor Institute hosts workshops and special events on a wide range of topics related to teaching development. Workshops are delivered by Taylor Institute staff or members of the university community who wish to share their expertise with colleagues. Workshops are open to academic staff, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students who wish to develop their teaching practice.
Course Design
The Taylor Institute supports instructors to use research-informed theory and practice to design new courses or redesign existing courses. We also support instructors with the design and development of all aspects of instruction, including selecting and organizing course content, learning activities, online learning, student participation, assessment and flipped classrooms.
Learning Technologies and spaces
The Taylor Institute supports instructors to effectively use technologies to enhance student learning. We develop and evaluate new tools, support the integration of learning technologies through mentoring, coaching and training, and assist instructors to experiment with innovative technologies and applications. We also collaborate with instructors, staff and administration to enhance learning spaces on campus.
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
The Taylor Institute facilitates instructors' inquiry and research to understand and improve student learning through the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). We offer a SoTL Journal Club, project development and writing-for-publication workshops, writing groups, and grants to support SoTL projects.
Teaching Awards and Grants
The Taylor Institute administers the University of Calgary Teaching Awards, which recognize outstanding contributions to student learning, and maintains a database of teaching awards available to University of Calgary instructors. We also administer the University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grants, which support evidence-based projects to better understand and improve student learning.
The Taylor Institute organizes and hosts the annual University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching. The conference offers an opportunity for faculty, students, academic librarians and staff at the University of Calgary and the wider academic community to share, critically examine and build on our collective knowledge of teaching and learning.
The Taylor Institute is committed to building communities and linking networks for teaching and learning across our campuses. Instructors and academic staff bring valuable experience and expertise to teaching and learning at the University of Calgary. We support individuals and groups to collaborate, share expertise and learn from each other.
Teaching in the Taylor Institute
The Taylor Institute’s flexible learning spaces are available to instructors to explore, experiment and discover how learning environments can be designed to strengthen and enable student learning and engagement. Instructors can apply to teach in the Taylor Institute by proposing an inquiry project.
The Taylor Institute has developed a number of resources on topics related to teaching and learning to support our programs and initiatives. Use the categories listed to browse through the resources available.