Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

SoTL: the scholarship of teaching and learning

As explained on the Taylor Institute's SoTL Guidethe scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) is inquiry to understand or improve student learning and the teaching approaches and practices that affect student learning. SoTL is informed by relevant research on teaching and learning, and conducted by members of educational community from across campus who draw from their disciplinary expertise by gathering and analyzing relevant evidence from the learners in their own specific contexts.  As scholarship, SoTL is then shared broadly to contribute to knowledge and practices in teaching and learning.

SoTL Activities & Support

The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning offers support and a variety of activities for faculty, staff, and graduate students interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Learning, Reading, & Discussing SoTL

Learn about and stay abreast of SoTL's key issues and current discussions through the SoTL Journal Club or the SoTL Foundations Program for Graduate Students, or apply for Seeding SoTL funds to lay the groundwork for doing SoTL.

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Developing SoTL Projects

Develop an effective SoTL project by participating in workshops that address the fundamental work of doing SoTL, drawing on our SoTL Guide, applying for a SoTL grant, or requesting a SoTL RA as a third-party proxy to administer an informed consent and/or survey for your SoTL project.

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Writing, Presenting, & Publishing SoTL

Make progress from a completed SoTL project to conference presentation or publication with the help of structured support and activities. Opportunities include attending a workshop or mini-retreat, joining a SoTL Writing Group, and presenting at the University's annual conference.

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Taylor Institute Engagement in SoTL

Many of the faculty and staff of the Taylor Institute engage in SoTL by maintaining active research agendas focused on a variety of SoTL issues and opportunities.  Visit our profile pages for more information.

Members of the University of Calgary teaching community who participate in SoTL are extensions of the vision and work of the Taylor Institute, demonstrating a networked approach to the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

For more information, read the Taylor Institute's Strategic Plan for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.