Strategic Planning and Reporting


The Taylor Institute's Strategic Plan for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is inquiry to understand or improve student learning and the teaching approaches and practices that affect student learning. As scholarship, SoTL is then shared broadly to contribute to the knowledge and practice of post-secondary teaching and learning. The Office of the Academic Director is the leadership unit of the Taylor Institute and administers and supports the University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grants Program. As the home of the University Chair in Teaching and Learning, this Office also serves as the academic hub for the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) on campus through initiatives and activities that support engagement in SoTL.

There are significant and intentional synergies between the Taylor Institute’s 2016-2019 Strategic Plan for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and the Educational Development Unit’s 2015-2018 Strategic Plan. With the recent launch of the CDCI, a more comprehensive Taylor Institute Strategic Plan that will be more formally developed in the future. In addition, this SoTL Strategic Plan outlines strategies for an activity, while the EDU’s Strategic Plan is about a group of people who are involved in this activity. The documents are thus necessarily intertwined. Specifically, this plan was shaped by the EDU’s, and is designed to inform how the EDU moves forward with implementing their plan and how the CDCI develops its own—all as interwoven components of the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. 

The Taylor Institute's Strategic Plan for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 

EDU Strategic Plan Cover

The Educational Development Unit Strategic Plan 
This document represents a three-year plan for the Educational Development Unit (2015 – 2018). The goals indicated in the document are situated as part of specific strategies and priorities, but they are not mutually exclusive. Multiple members of the EDU, across units, may contribute to a goal, strategy, or priority at any given time. The working groups and individuals within the EDU have also developed their own goals and accountabilities that operate in alignment with the plan, but we also work collaboratively and cohesively for the purpose of ensuring educational development influence across the University of Calgary. As we work toward developing assessment strategies and generating evidence to illustrate the scope, quality, and impact of our efforts, our portfolio of practice will continue to grow and develop. It is important to note that the EDU’s five priority areas are not rank-ordered within this document; again, they influence one another and may be evidenced by goals or activities that fall under multiple priority areas. 

Educational Development Unit Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018

More information about the EDU's Strategic Planning process can be found in the EDU's ePortfolio.

Annual Report Cover page

The Taylor Institute Annual Report 2015/16
The 2015/16 academic year was a historic one for us at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. Thanks to the generosity of the Taylor Family Foundation, we moved from the cozy fifth floor of the Biological Sciences building into our bright new building at the heart of campus. This change in environment not only opened up a beautiful space that symbolizes the campus’s commitment to teaching and learning; it also presented the staff of the Taylor institute with opportunity to reflect on and discuss what we consider our most meaningful work. Within these pages, you will complete descriptions of the Taylor Institute organizational structure, its core programs and initiatives, as well as key numbers and statistics that highlight our growth and what is in on the horizon as we move forward. 

The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning Annual Report 2015/16