Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Teaching Community?
The Taylor Institute Teaching Community supports collaboration among teachers and educational developers with the aim of enhancing student learning experiences. Educators can access postsecondary education resources, share their own research and best practices and join discussions about higher education.
How do I find resources?
To get started, enter a keyword in the search box. You can filter results by type or by category, or view all the resources in a specific type or category. You can also click on a tag to explore all materials with that tag.
How do I log in?
Users at the University of Calgary can log in using their UCID. If you don’t have a UCID, you can create an account by going to the login page and clicking “Create an account.”
How do I share resources?
Once you’ve logged into, click the “Share” tab. You can link to materials hosted elsewhere, or upload a new file directly to the site. Add a few lines of text to describe the resource for others: why you’ve shared it or how you found it useful. If another user comments on your posted materials, you will be notified via email.
What can I share?
You can share what you’ve learned or materials you’ve discovered through your research or practice. This could be a research paper; a conference presentation; a sample worksheet, course outline or rubric; a template; or a blog post about your experience or observations.
What are tags?
Tags allow you to label a resource in more than one way. To tag your post, enter a few relevant words or phrases, separated by commas. Try to think of words that other educators would use if they were searching for your resource. Clicking on a tag will bring up a list of all the resources using that tag.
What is the forum?
The forum lets you start or join a conversation with other educators. You will need to log in to post new content or reply to another post. Click on the topic of interest and click “New” to add a new post. You’ll receive an email notification when another user responds to your post.
What are bookmarks?
You can bookmark resources that you want to return to later, by clicking the “Bookmark this” link. To view your bookmarked resources, go to “My Profile” and click on “My bookmarks”.
What are subscriptions?
You can subscribe to categories and discussion threads of interest in order to be notified when new content is posted. Click on “My Profile” and going to “My Subscriptions.” When new materials are added to that category, you’ll receive an email notification.
How can I add events?
If you know of an event that would be a good addition to the site, send the event details and website to Joni Miltenburg, Communications Coordinator, at