Diverse Perspectives: Analyzing Curriculum Mapping Data for Gaps and Opportunities

Patti Dyjur, Frances Kalu

This manual was created for the Learning Outcomes Symposium 2016: Evolution of Assessment. Session description:
In this hands‐on session we will approach learning outcomes within the context of curriculum review. Using a scenario in which National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) data reveal a weakness in ‘discussions with diverse others’ within a fictitious program, we will show how curriculum review could be used as a process for further inquiry into the issue. Mapping learning outcomes relating to diverse perspectives could provide further insight and identify gaps in the program. Three different charts and graphs will be used in the session as examples of how learning outcomes relating to diverse perspectives might be presented. Participants will analyze them individually and in small groups to discuss possible strategies that would strengthen the program in terms of student learning experiences and assessment.