I’m in the EdTechPost Top 12 Edublogs!

Holy crap! D’Arcy Norman dot net is listed in the EdTechPost Top 12 Edublogs list!

That’s so freaking awesome. Thank you so much! I would like to also thank all of the little people (you know who you are) who helped me make this milestone possible. It’s things like this that make blogging worth all of the hassles, the paparazzi, the extreme financial burden, and the constant continuous partial attention. Wow.

And, I get to brag about the awesome company I’m keeping on The List. Stephen Downes. Alan Levine. Brian Lamb. Bryan Alexander. George Siemens. And it just goes on and on like that! Wow. Seriously. I’m blushing here.

I even got a cool badge to post on my blog! Check it out: EdTechPost top 12 edublog badge

I’ve got to go pack now. I’m heading to Malawi to adopt some orphans before Madonna gets them all.

4 thoughts on “I’m in the EdTechPost Top 12 Edublogs!”

  1. You’re lucky that image is in the creative commons or else I’d sue your ass! Just kidding. Zing, I’ve been got. Guess I did ask if you wanted a badge with that. Very funny buddy…

  2. You scored! Lovely badge indeed,… well a little it scary. Does it come with some of the crazy sound loops Scott cooked up at NV06?

  3. Yeah. I’m pretty stoked about it. I was going to opt for the Scott Leslie Bobblehead version, with NV remix soundtrack, but decided against it…

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