7 thoughts on “Microsoft clones the iPhone”

  1. Whaddya mean “lost the form factor” – haven’t you heard, ungainly is the new black. But seriously, pretty cool demo (and nice looking PR website). This and my Popfly invite show up on the same day – could the evil empire be getting a clue? Nah….

  2. at least the Surface mockup isn’t brown… and their site is pretty cool. those demos feel pretty contrived, stretching the metaphor beyond its limits… but very, very cool.

  3. not convinced this is the right idea. people are stylistically particular about their furniture, and i can barely envision people using this to play StarCraft 2 (niche market?) let alone approaching other living room tasks from that uncomfortable and distorted edge-of-the-seat angle. you can’t put your drinks, magazines, remotes, and feet anywhere while you use it besides. Wii has a better direction, unless this becomes a work easel or something.

  4. yeah. even the photo album demo, which was the coolest, is contrived. with a photo album, you don’t have to lean over a table. you can pick it up. this looks really uncomfortable. and everyone is viewing the screen from non-optimal angles. let’s see… what will make a great photo album? I know! make a huge and ugly table, make everyone lean over to see it, and make them view it under less than ideal conditions! that’ll sell!

  5. looks futuristic next to those barcelona chairs though. wonder what this photo with the conspicuously uncomfortable-armed guy will look to us like in twenty years…

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