one step backward

The U of C has had a really great bike shop on campus for awhile now. It’s been fantastic having access to a fully equipped bike shop – although I’ve only needed it a couple of times, knowing it was there was a huge comfort.


It’s getting the boot at the end of July.


Hopefully we can find a new home for the Bike Root on campus. Perhaps the Student’s Union can find/make some space? It’s pretty crappy for the U to kick the shop out, without having a backup space available. Yes, I know it was a short term pilot project, but the shop was a huge success by all accounts. Closing it, or forcing it to move off campus, is a huge step backwards in the efforts to make the U of C bike friendly.

2010 Ride to Conquer Cancer

Day 1: Calgary to Chain Lakes (via Okotoks, Nanton, and Highway 533)

8:49:11 AM: $7.3 million. Ride begins.

9:50:12 AM: First pit stop. Awesome day for a ride!

11:00:10 AM: Pit stop #2. Woohoo!

12:00:57 PM: 2900km

12:15:44 PM: Pit stop 3. 78km down. Lunch!

1:43:13 PM: Longest/highest hill I’ve ever climbed. Ow. Almost to camp.

1:43:58 PM: Pitstop 4. Next stop is camp.

1:49:07 PM: Guy just told me we’ve climbed for 13km. And we’re only 3/4 of the way up. Yay.

2:48:15 PM: I’m at camp! Pain.

2:50:00 AM: Rogers failed. No coverage at camp

Day 2: Chain Lakes to Calgary, via Longview, Black Diamond, Turner Valley

7:50:10 AM: Leaving camp. Starting day 2!

8:36:26 AM: At pit stop 1. Flying this morning. Not ugly countryside.

9:16:24 AM: Now THAT was a hill. Holy shit.

9:22:58 AM: Pitstop 2 in Longview

10:14:11 AM: 3000km

10:30:56 AM: Lunchtime!

11:54:09 AM: Final pit stop! Woohoo!

12:58:46 PM: Finished!

Photos from the ride: