discussion visualization with gephi

I’ve been playing around with gephi today, to see what I could come up with to display the discussion threads from my research data. Lots of manual data entry later, and I’ve got this:

and this:

WordPress sites are shown in red, Blackboard discussion forums in blue. So far, just a pretty picture, but I’ll hopefully be able to coax out a diagram or two that shows the difference in interaction patterns between the two platforms…

4 thoughts on “discussion visualization with gephi”

    1. I’m comparing data pulled from two completely different discussion board platforms, in different formats. I’ve had to recreate the interaction tree (setting parent-child relationships on nodes/rows) manually. Not difficult, but tedious. Thankfully, I’m only dealing with 400-ish entries…

      Also, adding the Community of Inquiry coding data, and other metadata to each entry/node/row in a consistent manner has been a manual process. Which is actually OK, because I’d developed a decent workflow, and it helped me see patterns and things I could do with the data as it was entered.

        1. it’s largely my fault – I exported the discussions as HTML archives, and then had to scrub the export to anonymize all content. Then I dumped that as a PDF for archival purposes. Also, the data came from Blackboard 8 and WordPress, which have different export options available, so I’d be recreating something to normalize the data and metadata anyway. Fun stuff.

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