2012 by bike

It was a great year to ride. 2 rides to the summit of the Highwood Pass. The Banff Gran Fondo. Lots of mid-sized rides in rural Alberta. Riding from Canmore to Banff with Evan. So good.

2012 ride calendar

(every December ride was on a trainer in my basement, sadly. except for the 29th, which was a chilly winter ride with Evan)

And, the traditional every-100km-photo series, with 51 ride snapshots for 2012:

2012 100km

I also have a set of photos taken during the various rides from 2012. Lots of great riding in there.

Hoping to do more longish rides in 2013.

blogging like it’s 2005

so many people have been “coming back” to blogging12345. and folks like Audrey absolutely destroying conventional edtech coverage with great blogging.

awesome. publishing whatever they care to publish, however they care to do so.


blogging is dead. long live blogging. the web (and culture) is what we choose to make of it. feels like a resurgence. a reclamation. a withdrawal from the silos. so good.

#occupytheweb #makeculture #awesome

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