3 thoughts on “Must… Go… To Okinawa…”

  1. Wow, that’s funny that you subscribe the the ‘water’ tag feed from flickr. I’ve been subscribing to ‘nature’ and ‘plants’ and ‘birds’ for the past month; my little un-natural nature interlude in the middle of my day. Have you guys checked out the Vancouver aquarium; I took the family there while I was at CADE. Nice, but pricey for a whole family. Cheers, Scott

  2. Yeah… I subscribe to “water”, “vacation”, “hawaii”, “sanfrancisco”, “calgary”, “waves”, “water”, “island” and a couple of others… Makes for a nice interlude in the Big RSS Feed Update.

    We went to the Vancouver Aquarium last June during NMC 2004. It was pretty cool, but no 10-storey aquaria full of giant whale sharks and manta rays 🙂

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