14 thoughts on “Structured Blogging: Semantic web for the rest of us?”

  1. […] Reading D’Arcy Norman’s ‘5 out of 5′ post on structured blogging the other day it seemed like it was probably worth revisiting the WP & MT plugin, especially in the light of how it might be used in a multi-user blogging environment and the ever-deafening march of word-processing / cms on the web about to be given another serious boost by the release of WordPress 2.0. […]

  2. Getting back up to speed

    After a week away (a trip to Nova Scotia) I find several things awaiting the effort to wrap-mind-around, amidst the familiar feeling that it’s all moving a bit faster than I am, or can:The impact of AJAX on web operations…

  3. No, I copied over files in each of those dirs. Maybe it’s my theme. Ive found that some that doont work on my travelogue dor work on my neptune. I’ll try that out.

  4. woah. that’s weird. I had to copy files into

    But it was straightforward copying over. Wonder if it’s a PHP version mismatch or something? Shouldn’t be an issue…

  5. d – it actually embeds 2 flavours of metadata directly in the HTML page (just view source on the blog entry to see the full goods). First, there’s the “structured blogging” elements: (let’s see if the raw code survives posting in a blog comment 😉 )

    Big Piece of Content goes here...

    And then there’s the standard RDF stuff with a Dublin Core record embedded within:

  6. what form does the metadata take—does a header contain it all? can one express and interpret it easily enough without a GUI? can an entry contain more than one category of content?

    i was thinking a while ago that it might be helpful to be able to put tags around content that bots could understand.

    this is my super-cool podcast...

    [link to audio]

    thanks for listening. yours truly, D'arcy.

  7. Oh, and the exact metadata varies depending on the microcontent type – so an audio file will have audio-related stuff, a software review will have software-review-related stuff…

  8. Weird… every second plugin I try to install and use gives error messages. I guess this was the second plugin. Wait, no… sticky didnt work either.

    I wonder what

    Fatal error: Failed opening required ‘XPath.class.php’ (include_path=”) in /home/sites/site49/web/wpsb-files/microcontent/microcontent.php on line 2

    means when I try to write using a template?

  9. Learning formats! How cool would that be. I don’t know if I’m thinking the same stuff as you, but it could be perfect to have bite-sized tutorials on various subjects. Or quizes for distance/e-learning. I’m gonna look into making one for that.

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