Live, from Edmonton, it’s Tuesday Night!

I had a total blast hanging out working with Brian for the Canadian eLearning 2007 conference welcome reception entertainment gig we got coerced invited to do. Here’s the clip we put together as the intro segment for our Online Video Party redux, based on being in the spiritual home of the most inspired group of video comedians ever assembled: SCTV!

[flv: 320 240]

That was re-edited and audio dubbed in a cookie-cutter “pub” in “Bourbon Street” at West Edmonton Mall. We could tell we were in “Bourbon Street” because of the authentic Celine Dion and Bryan Adams soundtrack, and the always impressive New Orleans wide selection of only the finest alcohols – Coors, Coors Lite, Bud and Bud Lite.

Bourbon Street

We took the vast majority of the videos from the site we used for the NMC Online Conference presentation of similar name. It was interesting – many of the videos work really well when viewing them by yourself, but really flop on their faces when viewed in a crowd on a big screen. And there were a couple videos that went the other way, too. Hard to predict what will work. We did manage to get at least a handful of edtechers to participate in a shared group video-induced hallucination, so that was a bonus 🙂

And, I got to play with Brian. That’s even worth spending a couple days in Deadmonchuck 😉 I’m still feeling the pain of letting Brian down. I forgot to bring The Hat, as I promised to do as part of my presentation garb. I tried to console him that it wasn’t an idle forgetting – The Hat was left at home, right beside Evan’s lifejacket that was to be used in the water park at West Edmonton Mall (we wound up renting a lifejacket for him, but I couldn’t find a Hat to rent in time…)

I’ll work on cleaning up the video playlist a bit and will share that somewhere. I might even compress down our edits and clip selections as shown to the conference folks. Unfortunately, I forgot to record the audio for the session, which may actually be a good thing…

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  1. I’m SURE Deadmonchuck has better than that abomination. WEM is the tackiest place on earth, by design. I refuse to believe that there isn’t a decent pub in the city. We wound up in one near U of A campus that, although being an instant-Irish-Pub (just add water), was much better than “Bourbon Street”

    It’s too bad we were in and out of ‘Chuck so fast – I’d have love to have some time to hang out with the Sabanathans! Maybe next time I’m up… There’s a chance I might get to head back up to the City of Ex Champions for another conference in October…

  2. Nothing like a good University Pub…When did the people start looking so young ? Would love to see you if you’re in town. As for WEM, the only good thing about it is that it is 5 minutes away from Westworld.

  3. Certainly the hallucinations were the high point – altho I was surreally stimulated by Poo – head in honey pot -drifting down the water as Apocalypse Now soundtrack played in the background. It may have been the acid flashbacks but I was sure both Brian and D’arcy were so loose they seem to have melted into the floor before the bad craziness of the flashback kicked in. Those beers afterwards in the University faculty Club, as we cursed the shortsighted nature of university adminstrators, had a nice calming effect to help take the edge off the futile pursuit of ed tech adoption.

  4. @niran: I’m pretty sure the undergrads are about 12 years old now. I know I didn’t look that young when I was an undergrad…

    @michael: Apoohcalypse Now was a high point for me, too. The ending, with Pooh “waterskiing” down the river… the two movies mix surprisingly well. I was a bit disappointed that more people didn’t stare hard enough for the LSD hallucination to kick in. Oh, well… It’s a good trip anyways. It was great to finally meet you in person, too!

  5. You’re an editing genius! I have a feeling you two could mine SCTV for a looooooooong time to the benefit of all ed tech folk.

  6. @keira: that’s probably some of the worst editing I’ve ever done, which is why it works so well for that clip 🙂 I’m sure we could mine SCTV, and Kids in the Hall, to produce all kinds of fun quasi-educational content. Wonder if they’ll think about a creative commons license?

  7. This may very well be the first time I have seen video of any kind embedded on Also, this is the first time I have heard you guys mention Kids in the Hall (which is one of my favorites -Dear Mr Echo, should I write that twice.) Wasn’t Strangers with Candy a Canadian production as well -Steven Colbert before he became a political flunky.

  8. Kids in the Hall was awesome. I crush your head. I crush it! crush crush crush crush…

    I’ve put video on here before. It’s been awhile, but this ain’t the first time, nor the last…

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