Canadian eLearning 2007 Video Party: The Movie

Here’s the presentation, with the clips and selections Brian and I used during the welcoming reception for the Canadian eLearning 2007 conference on Tuesday. I wound up not recording audio during the presentation, so you’ll just have to imagine witty and entertaining banter and intros for each video. Brian was responsible for both the witty and entertaining portions of the presentation.

The video selections came to 48 minutes. We were given a 45 minute slot after the welcome reception supper meal. You do the math…

[flv: 320 240]

7 thoughts on “Canadian eLearning 2007 Video Party: The Movie”

  1. Most excellent! That needs to be up on YouTube so we can add it to Perhaps it should be right on the first page?
    What fun, I love the inclusion of apocalypse Pooh, that is an old school mashup that still may be one of the very best I have ever seen. I saw that bad boy on VHS!

  2. YouTube limits videos to 10 minutes and 100MB. This one is 48 minutes, and the upload would be almost 700MB… I’m sure there’s a way we can embed the .flv on…

  3. Actually, we can embed in on a mediawiki -Andy Rush has hacked an flv player that works well. I’ll talk to him tomorrow, and we’ll get it up there. It is awesome. Although, I’m a bit sad I don’t get to hear Dean and Jerry live on Tuesday night.

  4. Yeah. I shoulda recorded it. it was a bit hectic rushing in from finishing editing/compressing, setting up on the projector and getting ready to start talking. A few more brain cells, one fewer beer, or some more time, and I might have managed it…

  5. I hadn’t seen the “Le Grand Content” one before. That is great. “This is an obvious fact, like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are the first sources of religious doubt.”

  6. Masterful… I can only being to imagine a range of reactions from an un-suspecting audience.

    Now where did I out those blasting caps?

  7. Reactions were definitely varied. Things either went over really well (Sir Ken, Mashups) or really, really badly (Spare Me My Life). Totally worth doing, though, and I think the audience at least had fun, which was the official reason for doing this. The unofficial reason was to subversively plant the seed of Creative Commons and reuse, and I think we managed to do that as well 🙂

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