My iDVD is borked

I’ve got a fully updated copy of iDVD on my MacBook Pro that refuses to cooperate. I can create a project, save it, and burn it to DVD. But, if I decide I want to quit iDVD, it borks the next time I launch it. It gets past “loading themes” and then just hangs. I can nuke my prefs, and get the “new project” dialog, but if I create a project, I get the same thing if I quit. Which makes editing an iDVD project a bit, well, problematic. I currently have to recreate the project from scratch every time I want to make a modification. Which makes the process a bit more tedious than it needs to be.

I’ve done searching on the Apple Support site. I’ve tried Googling. I’ve poked through manuals and documentation. No joy. Here’s all I get when I launch my incredibly awesome, soon-to-be-Oscar™-winning iDVD project:

iDVD borkage

The strange thing, if I click “Close”, it pauses for a few seconds, the “Unexpected Quit” dialog disappears, and the shell of the iDVD app remains. I can select menu items, and click on interface buttons (but they don’t do anything). I have to then Quit (or Force-Quit) the app to make it really go away.

Nothing in the crash log jumps out at me. I’ve uninstalled all of my InputManagers, all of the extra QuickTime codecs, anything I can think of that’s non-stock-MacOSX. No luck yet. Very frustrating.

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  1. I’ve just had the same problem with a DVD I was putting together for my school (Sample clip here). The solution was not in iDVD but in iMovie! One of the movies I was trying to add to the project had a stray sound file in it after what I thought was the ‘end’ of the movie. I redid the movie to tidy up the stray, and iDVD started working again… (and perfectly, at that).

    Try working out which iMovie project it is that’s borking the whole thing and then see if you can identify the problem. Feel free to drop me a line if you want more info on this.

    Good luck!

  2. @Neil Winton: I just tried cleaning up the iMovie project. No luck in avoiding the strange iDVD crash on launch. I’ll keep poking around, though…

    @Michael J.: I’ll try another account, but will have to futz about with permissions etc… so the other account can see the files. I’ll give’er a shot tonight, though.

  3. I _think_ I’ve got it figured out. It looks like the Reflections theme got borked somehow. If I move it out of the way, and select a different theme, the project works OK. Too bad there isn’t a “Safe Open” mode that forces a project into a default theme…

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