BikeCam of my Morning Commute

This morning, I strapped a camera to my handlebars, and took 106 shots during the 30-minute morning commute. Here’s the outcome:

[flv: 480 270]

Soundtrack: Pedal Pushing, by MC Abdominal

9 thoughts on “BikeCam of my Morning Commute”

  1. yeah… not sure I want to geotag directions to my house 🙂 The area within a few blocks of my house is banned from the Flickr Map, for obvious reasons…

  2. Enjoyed the video this morning, instead of getting straight to work. I don’t know if you get an @Tweet if you don’t follow me, so I’ll drop it here. (I’m mrplatts) –> @dnorman So it’s not just in Pittsburgh where bikes have no right2road on the way to work. Enjoyed your vid this morning. Stay safe ridin!

    It is amazing how many people feel that a bike should not be on the road!

  3. The ride is mostly through the ‘burbs, so the roads are usually pretty clear of traffic. There are higher traffic spots, and a couple of full-on busy traffic streets, but those are stretches of just a few blocks, before returning to quiet streets again. It’s the idiotic, aggressive, or just plain mean drivers that bug me – it only takes one of them, so an almost-empty street can be just as dangerous…

  4. @james: it’s on wheels 🙂 I just walk it through the building to my pod. Haven’t tried riding it inside yet. Occasionally get the urge to take it down the stairs at the end of the day, though. 6 flights down – maybe not 🙂

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