Converted to WordPress 2.3 Tags

When I upgraded to 2.3, I left my 500+ categories in place. I used categories as tags, so didn’t see the need to convert them over to the native tag format. I’ve thought about it some more, and just bit the bullet. All of my categories have been converted over to tags (I think), and now I’ll use categories and tags in slightly different ways.

Categories will be used to define the “type” of post – work, personal, fun, etc…

Tags will be used to describe the “content” of the post – wordpress, rant, travel, etc..

It looks like a few Categories weren’t completely converted over to be Tags, so I’ll see if there’s any manual intervention I need to do, but that’s the plan for now.

I do REALLY wish the Tags field had autocomplete, as Drupal’s freetagging input field does. It’s soooo hard to remember the exact spelling/tense of all of the tags (is it folksonomy? folksonomies? etc… autocomplete would have me there at folks.)

4 thoughts on “Converted to WordPress 2.3 Tags”

  1. Did you do that all manually or using some manner of script – I was thinking about the same thing, but I too am afraid of an explosion of tags via tense.

  2. There’s an automated tool built in. Go to Manage > Categories and hit the link at the bottom, or Manage > Import and select the WP Category to Tag Converter (or whatever it’s called). It seems to have left a handful of categories behind, but got about 99% of them.

  3. I too really wasn’t sure what to do with the categories I had. And while WP has now officially adopted tags something still doesn’t feel right. I think perhaps it’s trying to take the Drupal culture of taxonomy and apply it exactly the same in the WP world. Somehow, I don’t think it’s going to be that easy…

  4. I found it – but I think I’m going to wait for some manner of Autocomplete as some of my tags will end up being pretty long.

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