7 thoughts on “Testing Anarchy Media Player”

  1. Video is fine on this end, haas. However, the audio is endlessly buffering. Looks like you also have a WordPress database error for OpenID, if it’s not one problem it’s another with this damn WP.

  2. I had issues with anarchy but they seemed related to certain themes. I don’t really get why that would be but then again, I don’t understand lots of things.

  3. yeah. it might be related to the javascripts used in this mandigo theme. If I play the .mp3 file directly, it works fine, so it’s not something wrong with the file. or… is it?

  4. yeah. looks like something was borked in my first audio file. it’s working fine with a second file I just added. The first one was at 8KHz, which might have borked the flash player…

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