EduGlu Screencast

I just recorded a (very) quick and dirty screencast to demo the EduGlu sandbox prototype that was put together in Drupal. It’s a 23 minute session, and clocks in at 28 MB. I probably rambled a bit more than I should have, but you’ll get the idea…

(The Anarchy Media Player displays a smallish video embedded on this post, but you can download the video to view at 640×480 if you want to try to read the tiny text in the screencast)

EduGlu Screencast

Download EduGlu Screencast

11 thoughts on “EduGlu Screencast”

  1. Very interesting. Obviously lots of potential.

    I’d be interested in a list of the modules that you’re using to put this together.

  2. Good job D’Arcy. I do think we need to split this up a bit, because it is a longish narrative that presumes a bit that people are following along with the larger dialogue. But it is as cohesive a story as I think has been produced as to what is EduGlu and how the idea arose.

    Nice point around aggregating discussions, that was a new point I had not seen before.

    It would be good to get some student testament (and evidence) on the importance of them having control over their blogging environment/why embracing what looks like chaos is a good thing. Many of us “know” that this is an important part in building one’s sense of personal voice and ownership, but I do think more evidence will be demanded that this is not a “nice to have” but an essential part of the experience, and one that improves the student learning experience.

    This is a good start. I hope it satisfies whoever “asked” for it (that sounded a bit ominous at the start 😉

  3. This is a really fine document of this point in time. It will be useful as a reference to that oft-posed question “What is EduGlu?” – at least for this particular wrinkle of the McGuffin.

  4. @jim: I’ll work up a recipe for modules that were used to build this prototype, but it’s going to be a few days before I can do that.

    @scott: man, there’s just no pleasing you 😉 yeah… it needs to be split up, and maybe a little less rambling, but the idea was to capture a snapshot and quick demo (that turned out to be not so quick) as a basis for discussion, not as an in-depth video manual for how to use the site. I’d LOVE to get student feedback, and have some classes actually try this out – currently it’s all based on intuition and theory, but unless the rubber hits the road at some point, it really doesn’t matter. And there were a few people who asked for the screencast – not sure if this will meet their needs or not, but I’m sure I’ll find out…

    @brian: good point, in that this is just the current approximation of the McGuffin. This is not the final “eduglu” but a framework to play and discuss what it means. It’s easier to do that when there’s a semi-working prototype to kick tires on – a lesson I learned from the CAREO days, when we were collectively blabbidyblabbing about LORs but didn’t have one to play with. I’m perfectly willing, even hopeful, to retire this instantiation if/when something better comes along.

  5. And hopefully you understand that my comment is more of an injunction to the rest of us (myself especially) to do a better job documenting this, as you have done more than your fair share so far in spelling out the most cohesive descriptions of eduglu that I have seen so far.

  6. @scott: yeah, I took it that way. it’s hard to formally document something that is by nature so loose and organic, though. If we’re able to manage a face-to-face session to work on it, I think we’ll get there pretty quickly.

  7. D’Arcy,
    The “rambling” was perhaps the highlight of this for my viewing pleasure!
    Thanks much for this, a great overview, and good treatment in the narrative.

  8. D’Arcy,
    I’ve been messing around with some similar stuff – some convergent with, and some inspired by, your postings on the topic.
    You might check out my “social learning” sandbox site, at; which is documented (in progress) in my blog at I’ve set this up to give folks a place to play with, & help me continue to evolve, the platform I’m setting up for my institution.

    Thanks for your inspiration over time –

    will taylor
    chair, dept. of homeopathic medicine (& resident edu-geek)
    national college of natural medicine
    portland, oregon

  9. Thanks for this screencast! Very cool!

    I’m glad you had to activate the blogs module during the demo. It gave me a chance to see the modules you’re using, and thus enough confidence to try this out on my own.

    I think I have it working, but there’s (at least) one piece of your magic I can’t seem to replicate:

    How do you get the tags from the original blog post to appear on each drupal node? Is this a setting in Feed API I’ve missed?

    Again – great work here – I’d love to compare “recipes” at some point to see if there are other things in your setup that I’ve missed.


  10. Drupal offers a wealth of possibilities here — we implemented eportfolios for a client at the university level back in the Dark Ages of Drupal 4.7 🙂 — our solution then used both taxonomy and nodereferences, and created the nodeorder module

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