6 thoughts on “what bicycle communiting is REALLY like”

  1. Sweet. I think that was Ft. Collins, CO where there are actually more dogs than cars and parties ensure no matter what you do. Especially if you work at New Belgium Brewery like it appeared that group…hmmm, what had they been drinking.

  2. @davidicus: I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have a dance party, complete with confetti, every single time I get to work. Sure, nobody else can _see_ the party, but it’s there…

  3. Wow, I must be doing my bicycle commuting incorrectly. I usually just arrive at work sweaty and wind-chapped–and without dancing coworkers to greet me. The good news is I live in the most bicycle-friendly city in the U.S., so I only ride on a city street for about 1.5 blocks during my 2-mile commute. The bad news is I share those bike paths with undergrads, many of whom haven’t ridden a bike since, oh, age 8. At the beginning of the academic year, seasoned staff will sometimes set up lawn chairs near our bike traffic circles just to watch the comedy and wheeled angst. (I take the bus that week.)

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