tweetcloud: dnorman

Apparently, my Twitter account became the primary stress test for the cool Tweetcloud service, which crunches through every tweet posted for a given account, and generates a cloud of words ranked by frequency. Although I’ve been posting to Twitter like a madman today, they were actually able to get it to crunch my account:

Tweetcloud: dnorman

One thing that surprised me: I was sure “fracking” would be the #1 word, followed shortly by WTF. Surprise!

Thanks to John Krutsch and Jared Stein for their work on beefing up Tweetcloud to be able to handle the sheer scale of my self-absorbed banality.

7 thoughts on “tweetcloud: dnorman”

  1. No problem. We locally generated a few clouds for the power tweeters we follow. I am actually considering doing my dissertation on Folksonomies and Tag clouds and their relationship with teaching and learning. Would appreciate any ideas on that front.

  2. @alan I should also be concerned about @kmcphee, mrs @sleslie, and mrs @courosa, given the prominence of their significant others’ in my tweetcloud 😉

    @john that sounds cool. I wonder what a time-based display of the cloud would look like, and tell you? I mean, generating a cloud for ever week/month/page-of-tweets and generating an animation to show its evolution over time. Or, starting from a blank cloud, and adding the terms over time to see it evolve to its current state. Could be interesting to show trends (words growing and shrinking over time) and maybe to cross-correlate with others’ clouds (which could be done on an absolute calendar timeline, or a relative days-from-first-tweet timeline).

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