Not Really an Edublog

I just took a quick peek at the “Top Posts & Pages” stats for my blog, as calculated by the Stats system. I had it run the numbers for my most popular posts of all time, and was both surprised and dejected. Apparently, this is not an edublog after all.

I’m actually not sure what kind of blog this is – my most popular post of all time was a comment on potential political/police entrapment of protestors. Followed, way back, by a stupid post on how (the then newly released) Google Maps could see my house. There are a couple of posts with source code or tips. One on MediaWiki. At #19, the first post that might be interpretted as educational in nature – talking about podcasting.

Whatever. It’s my blog, and I’ll probably keep posting crap on all kinds of topics. Maybe I should set up a new WordPress Category just for “edublog” posts…

12 thoughts on “Not Really an Edublog”

  1. So if this isn’t an edublog.. does that mean I’m less educated by reading it? 😉

    Keep on bloggin, personally I like the WordPress, Drupal, Wiki, Mac, etc. content.

  2. sounds like education to me, D’Arcy (tho without the spitballs, as I recall the “real thing”) –
    perhaps if you threw in an occasional post on sentence diagramming, you’d meet the criteria better … ;^)

  3. Get over it, you fit a niche and have readers. That’s enough. I went through the same angst and it took a year to get past it…don’t let that happen to you!

    An edublogger,

    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the

  4. @jeff – absolutely 🙂

    @will – I have plenty of spitballs. mailing address?

    @miguel – I was never not over it. this blog is what it is, and I’m fine with that. I was just surprised at how un-edublog the majority of visitors find it. To each their own. I don’t plan on changing anything – the blog is primarily for me, right? 😉

  5. edublogs re boring. ignore the pundits who insist blogs have to be focused. or, change your blog to be about my blog’s most popular topic: perogies.

  6. @davidicus I’ve never suffered for having a lack of focus 🙂 I really like that I can just write whatever the hell I feel like, and not worry about being “off topic” or driving people away. It’s my blog, and I’ll do what I want with it.


    a perogie blog would be awesome. maybe a perogie photoblog! is it lunch time yet?

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