16GB just ain’t enough

When I got my 16GB iPod Touch, I knew I’d run out of room. I just didn’t realize how soon I’d do it. Moving from my previous 30GB iPod Video, I had trimmed my music collection – purging all files of questionable origin – and was able to fit everything quite comfortably within 16GB.

But now, with a bunch of TED Talks, some movies, presentations, a schwack of podcasts (I think that’s metric. or is it imperial?), and a bunch of photos, I’m starting to hit the ceiling. 16GB just isn’t enough.

It should have been a sign, when the week after I bought my 16GB iPod Touch, Apple released a new model sporting 32GB of storage. Sigh. I’ll go through my music collection and trim some of the old crap I never listen to (or just set it not to copy to the iPod). Hopefully that’ll give me some more breathing room. I have a feeling I’ll be needing some free space once the apps built on the SDK are released, all wanting some room to store stuff…

Oh, and don’t get me wrong – I love my iPod Touch in a way that is entirely unhealthy. Perhaps unholy. It’s like my own minitiature Clarke Monolith, but with wifi and web browsing built in. Love. It. I’d just like some more room for my stuff on it, that’s all…

4 thoughts on “16GB just ain’t enough”

  1. iI feel your pain, I bought the 4GB iPhone the week they came out but wished I bought the 8GB. Then of course they got bigger and cheaper soon after. I guess that is what I get for being an early adopter.

  2. With my iPhone I have had to become a master of media management. It sounds crazy, but it took me quite some time to figure out how to really manage my stuff so I could travel with the iPhone, still have room for movies and TV shows, all the while leaving enough space for enough music to keep me happy. Crazy how we all got used 30, 60, or even 80 GB and then were just willing to pay more to go back in time. I guess you could eBay the 16 and pony up a few bucks for the 32? No matter what these are killer devices.

  3. @john it’s not really a pain – just an adjustment I need to make. I’d become so accustomed to having every piece of media that I own on my iPod, at my fingertips. Now, I just have to shift a bit to have only that media _that I care about_ with me. The rest can exist on my computer, or in the cloud.

    @cole I think I’ll be able to manage with the 16 gigger. It’d be _nice_ to have more room, but it’s certainly usable. Especially when I only use the iPod Touch as a media player maybe 25% (or less) of the time. It’s my Mac Tablet the rest of the time, and doesn’t need much storage for that (more RAM would be nice, and a faster CPU, but not storage 🙂 )

  4. I actually moved up from a shuffle to the 8 gb touch. So I have tons of room now.. haha.

    If your feeling like you don’t have enough room for music, I would suggest looking into something like Mobile Scrobbler through last.fm. But, with that (as of now) the touch has to be jailbroken. That program allows you to listen to kind of an online radio station so you need to be within range of your wifi.

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