Michael Geist – Why Copyright?

Michael Geist - Why Copyright? - 6Michael Geist gave a talk at The University of Calgary on April 2, 2008, on the subject of copyright. He talked about the need for Fair Dealings, the dangers of the Canadian DMCA, and even touched on the benefits of open access and even open education.

Dr. Geist’s presentation was very compelling, interesting, and engaging. I believe he was able to communicate the benefits of less-restrictive copyright, and am hoping he helped plant some seeds to get an open content movement going here at The University of Calgary.

The video was recorded by Paul Pival, who used his very handy MacBook iSight Inverter Mirror to properly record the session without having to snap the lid off of his laptop. The sound was recorded by a microphone placed on the floor near the podium, so hopefully it didn’t turn out too badly. I thought it was interesting that an event like this wasn’t “officially” recorded, and it was trivially done by an attendee bringing a laptop to the session. The days of requiring enterprise support for event recording and broadcasting are over.

4 thoughts on “Michael Geist – Why Copyright?”

  1. You may not need our “enterprise support” to record and broadcast, but wouldn’t you like it if we were to hypothetically offer a service that made it 100 times easier? 😉

  2. well, yeah. and it’d be nice to have proper sound, and a camera that didn’t shake when the cameraman was typing on his laptop… but I’ll believe that when I see it 😉

  3. oh, and PLEASE don’t take my offhand comment as disregarding the need for IT and com/media – just that it’s now easy enough for individuals to do. The organizers of the event hadn’t thought to, or had time to, arrange the service from com/media – my point was just that it’s now completely feasible for individuals to do what once required large enterprise operations.

  4. The camera shake problem can be solved with an external keyboard.

    I’m thinking about getting one of the soft ones that have the additional benefit of making much less sound, since people have complained about the noise of my keyboard as I’ve live-blogged events, but they’re a bit pricey for such a specialized purpose.

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