Springtime in Calgary

You can tell it’s springtime in Calgary when you wake up to this:

morning blizzard ride - 1morning blizzard ride - 2morning blizzard ride - 3morning blizzard ride - 4

And then after you get to work, you check Dashboard Weather and find this:

Up to +7˚C today, then up to +22˚C this weekend. At least the surprise dump of white stuff will melt quickly… It was a really fun ride to work this morning. Maybe too much fun. I’ve got street slicks on my bike, so didn’t have much traction. Going up hills was interesting. And I had to stop repeatedly to clear snow from inside the fenders, from off of the handlebars, off of my jacket and helmet. And had to constantly wipe the giant flakes from my glasses so I could see where I was going. I avoided the busiest street portion of the ride, ducking through a park instead. No need to take unnecessary risks…

3 thoughts on “Springtime in Calgary”

  1. not sure “dedicated” is the word – when I was leaving home, the weather really didn’t look bad at all. If I’d have _known_ this was what I was going to go through, I probably would have wussed out 🙂 I’m hoping to ride again tomorrow, on Ride Your Bike To Work Day, but am worried the streets will be more like skating rinks as today’s snow melts and freezes overnight. Should be fun tomorrow, too! 🙂

  2. oh my god that is awful…i thought it was bad here in michigan at 32degrees in the morning.
    i don’t feel so bad for myself now..i just had to comment. UGH.

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