iPhone/iPod Touch native app for WordPress

Well THIS is the best mobile blog posting interface I’ve used. Thanks to Automattic for the app!

It also supports offline writing of new posts (but not of editing existing posts without an active connection). Very cool. I’ll be using this app a LOT!

Here’s a screenshot of the blog post/edit interface:


9 thoughts on “iPhone/iPod Touch native app for WordPress”

  1. Just posted about it myself. It is very cool and works really well. I didn’t think the post picture was all that intelligent, but I’ve only used it once. Great to see!

  2. @Cole – the post picture works with any photo on your iPod/iPhone – including stuff synced from iPhoto or Aperture. The screenshot of the app was taken on my iPod and uploaded by the WordPress posting app.

    @Alan – oops. forgot to provide the link. sorry 🙂

  3. hold the “Home” button and then tap the “power” button on top. Screenshot gets added to your “Photos” app, and will be synced to Aperture or iPhoto on next connect (or can be emailed directly from Photos, or blogged directly with the WordPress app as I did).

  4. maybe so, but I didn’t invent the screenshot function – it’s one of the less-advertised features that got snuck into the 2.0 update 🙂

  5. hold the “Home” button and then tap the “power” button on top.

    Fantastic! Is there a list of all the new features somewhere? I looked around on the Apple site, but didn’t turn up anything.

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