9 thoughts on “geotagging in Aperture with Maperture”

  1. Thanks D’Arcy!
    I downloaded & installed this immediately after reading your post – a wonderful application.
    I’ve just set up geotagging in my Gallery2 installation, using the Gallery2 Map module – see


    & so far it’s working quite nicely. Nice GoogleEarth integration from the Gallery2 Map module – see the screencast in my post.

  2. Just an addition that might be important: If you had entered credit and copyright notice information before geotagging images with Maperture, you will loose that information and have to re-enter it. Furthermore, Maperture adds the keyword “Geotagged”.

  3. @anitsirk I just geotagged a bunch of photos using the latest version of Maperture, and my credit/copyright metadata was not affected. I’m guessing the problem you mentioned has been fixed. If would be nice if the keyword tagging was optional.

  4. Hey all,

    I just wanted to chime in on your discussion…

    About Embedding GPS metadata…

    Unfortunately this is a bug in the way Aperture deals with plugins exporting versions. It seems certain metadata fields will not export unless you export a new master image. We have contacted Apple about this issue and hopefully will be included in a future update. If you export a new Master image, the GPS metadata will be correctly embedded for upload. But it’s a two step process and we would like it to be more streamlined. I still need to do some further testing with the new updates to see if there is any progress here. And will keep you updated.

    About working with referenced files in Aperture with Maperture…

    After some testing, it does seem like there is an issue when working with files not stored in the Aperture Library. When geotagging images Maperture will erase all IPTC data in these referenced files. There are limitations in the API which hinder the abilities of an edit plug-in within the host application. So you will need to have your images stored in a managed Aperture library to use the plug-in to it’s fullest at this point.

    And we are also testing Maperture Pro BETA currently which has several enhancements and fixes and can be found below.



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