upgraded ucalgaryblogs.ca to wpmu 2.6.1

Donncha pushed the WPMU 2.6.1 update live today, and it’s a required upgrade for security reasons. I just wanted to post that I’ve upgraded ucalgaryblogs.ca to WPMU 2.6.1 and everything appears fine. It took all of 2 minutes to do, too.

Here’s my process:

  1. back stuff up.
  2. login to the server via ssh
  3. download WPMU 2.6.1 into ~/temp, and unzip it.
    cd ~/temp
    wget http://mu.wordpress.org/latest.zip
    unzip latest.zip
  4. delete the wp-content directory in the freshly downloaded copy of WPMU 2.6.1 – I do this so I don’t accidentally overwrite any customized themes, or nuke anything in mu-plugins or plugins…
    rm -R wordpress-mu-2.6.1/wp-content
  5. copy the fresh copy of WPMU over top of the existing one in the web directory
    cp -R wordpress-mu-2.6.1/* ~/webdata/ucalgaryblogs.ca/
  6. run the WPMU upgrade site script to run any necessary updates (I don’t think there were any database updates, but it’s probably a good idea to run it anyway). This will automatically run the script on each blog installed on that copy of WPMU.
  7. done. test some blogs to make sure stuff is working fine.

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