what’s on your iPod/iPhone?

I’d guess that the applications, and their arrangement on the menu screens, tells a fair bit about a person. I’ve been slowly gathering a frighteningly long list of apps – games, utilities…

My current favorite add-on apps? Twinkle. Wurdle. X-Plane. Cube Runner. Asphalt. Countdown. Line Rider. Seismometer. And the shortcut to Google Reader.

9 thoughts on “what’s on your iPod/iPhone?”

  1. I need two things:

    1) An iphone or itouch
    2) A UMW Blogs App for sitewide feeds and comments

    I’ll get going on the app if you send me an iPhone 🙂

  2. It was exactly a year ago next week, I remember how lustily you fondled that first iPhone you held down in Logan. And now look at you – have you no decency man? No restraint? (you know I’m just jealous, right? 😉

  3. I also have a lowly first gen iPod, and I don’t think I need anything else. Some of the location specific apps would be cool, so I would seriously consider upgrading if Apple released an iPod touch with GPS. A moderately decent camera would also be a nice addition.

    So just for the record, D’Arcy, did you post this blog from a desktop, laptop or iPod touch? I bet I know the answer already. 🙂

  4. Wow – that’s a lot of applications. I’ve been meaning to try and make sure I keep my application list low (by culling anything I don’t use).

    1) Why Twinkle? I removed it from my iPhone for a couple aggravating reasons – but as a competitor to Twitterrific it’s great. If I could have the Nearby features in Twitterrific I’d never miss Twinkle.
    2) Two ToDo applications?

  5. @rob – the post started on the iPod, but it didn’t get the placement of the images right, so I wound up tweaking it from the laptop after publishing it…

    @micheal – yeah. I could probably trim a few apps down. like one (or both) of the to-do apps. I was just trying them out, but haven’t actually _used_ either of them…

    but for some reason, I quite like Twinkle. I tried Twitteriffic, and it just didn’t do it for me.

  6. A couple that I have that you might find useful are Units, AOL Radio, and Google Mobile App. Earthscape is also kind of neat (better with an iPhone) and I can’t understand why you don’t have iPint.

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