how to list comments by users in WordPress?

I’ve got a prof using a WordPress site to manage some really active discussions in his course. He’d really like to be able to list all comments posted by each user, as part of the assessment rubric for the course.

I’ve found LOTS of “recent comments” and “popular posts” plugins, and some requests for similar “list all comments for a given user” functionality, but haven’t been able to find anything that fits the bill.

Ideally, the solution would list all contributors to a blog (everyone with accounts), with links to a page (or pages) that lists all of their posts, their pages, and comments.

Any suggestions? Do I get to write another plugin?

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  1. Part of the WP-Stats plugin lists comment stats by commenter. They are clickable and lead to a page listing all the comments and which post they’re from – it’s pretty handy. Unfortunately, it lists them by alias, so if the same commenter uses different names, it won’t aggregate them the way an e-mail address-based list would.

  2. we’re finding for some reason that it’s only showing 4 commenters on this one blog that has well over a dozen active users. I’ll take a look at the code (it appears to be working fine on my main blog). Hopefully it’s pretty minor.

  3. I found out why it was only showing 4 commenters – by default, it only shows members that have posted more than 5 comments. The limit is hardcoded onto line 518 of wp-stats.php and can be easily modified (I just changed the call to get_commentmembersstats(0, 0, false); and now all commenters show up. Looks like the plugin was designed to expose this as a setting, but the UI never got built…

    @Will Community Cloud is interesting, and I just installed it here to play with it, but it’s not what we need for this project. It provides the great cloud view, but links to the poster’s own blog, rather than to a page on the course blog listing that person’s contributions. Handy, but not what’s needed.

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