Google Earth on iPod Touch

Google Earth. On my iPod Touch. Seriously. This app is fracking amazing. Pinch to zoom or rotate. Tilt the iPod to tilt the view. The controls are so smooth and intuitive that I was actually disappointed when the view didn’t rotate as I spun my chair around. Maybe on a fancy schmancy iPhone 3G? Still – VERY cool app. Well done, Google Earth team!

2 thoughts on “Google Earth on iPod Touch”

  1. Thanks for the pinch to rotate tip! I was perplexed, and there are no docs. No autorotate on iPhone, but the self location feature rocks.

    At least 2 people said it was crashing their phone; one when they tried to load one of the embedded pics

  2. Haven’t had it crash yet – it did decide to stop paying attention to tilt control, JUST when I was demoing the COOL GOOGLE EARTH TILTING CONTROL to some folks… Doh.

    It does work offline, too. Details are only available in cached areas, but that’s pretty cool. Gotta like the google earth…

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