9 thoughts on “got a blog?”

  1. heh. not likely – Edublogs is waaaaay bigger than anything I’d get going just on campus. Every single person in the campus community could set up a blog, and you’d still have several times more people 🙂

    And I REALLY need to get off my butt and finish hacking on the front page of ucalgaryblogs.ca so it’s not so blatantly aping the edublogs theme. I really didn’t mean to leave it unhacked for so long!

  2. Just curious, D’arcy… what’s the benefit of your platform over blogger/wordpress/moveable type – the other free websites? Just the fact that you host locally, or is there more? There must be more to go through all this effort.

  3. Technically, there is no difference. I’d MUCH rather just send people to WordPress.com or edublogs.org or any other hosted service. BUT, those are hosted in the States, meaning their servers are subject to Patriot Act and DMCA. Both of which are incompatible with the privacy policies of Canadian education institutions. So, failing a Canadian-hosted service like wordpress.ca or edublogs.ca, we get to host our own on campus. Which really isn’t that bad – I’m using a server provided by IT, and the only cost (aside from my time) has been the WPMU-Dev-Premium subscription, which was so completely worth the money.

    I’d written some more detailed and hopefully coherent thoughts on the issue here

    Basically, I’d LOVE to use an external service, but privacy policy gets in the way, as well as some other less critical issues.

  4. I’m thinking “got blog?” would make a great shirt or even business card to hand out. Basic white with black letters and the URL to get one. Gonna use that with our WPMU roll out to students after Christmas. Thanks for the idea above. Really cool.

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