over one million served

I just cracked open the Google Analytics stats for my blog, and was curious to see how much data was available. I had it display all data (going back as far as November 16, 2005, which is apparently when I first started using Analytics). Google has tracked over 1 million page views on my blog. Over 600,000 unique visitors. The scale of that just blows my mind.


7 thoughts on “over one million served”

  1. Wow,

    The D’Arcy Norman, a publishing empire in its own right. It is mind boggling to think just how many people pass through your little corner of the web to check things out–and I owe my own blogging WPMU to you back in 2005/2006 when i watched you nail the details of your Drupal experimentation. You’ll always be a major influence on my own willingness to put it all out there, so thanks buddy.

  2. My friend Brad and I are convinced that there isn’t really just one D’Arcy … that it is really an incorporated team of DNorman’s in downtown Calgary in one of those fancy glass buildings with bean bag chairs.

    Amazing stuff, my man!

  3. Your people really are good! They got all the buzzwords right in that last comment! You’ll have to give me the secret to all the edublogger cash. Not sure if you noticed, but we have a recession going on down south.

  4. it’s not a recession, as much as the natural consequence of sending all of the money up here to finance global dnorman publishing empire headquarters… but trust me, it’s well worth it.

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