9 thoughts on “Comment activity”

  1. I keep trying to run the query from CogDog my blog and I get an error. Sigh … I wanted to be able to make you feel as guilty as I do!

  2. That fucking Leslie, I’ll get him yet. This is unacceptable, I was sure I was first. In fact, Scott may very well be the top commenter on my log, he is absolutely an insane comment blogger, kudos to him. I always liked that guy. In fact, I think I love him, but I’m hurt he is above me in this list. How could he do that to me? I’m confused. I need help….

  3. Oh listen to you, now you’re all cool, calm and collected. I may just start doubling my energies on this blog in the comments area to make you work a little harder. You’re blogging numbers have improved, but your crack twitter addiction had me scared. I was the footprints in the sand when you needed to be carried, so remember that, honcho!

  4. will you guys fucking stop posting these top commentors lists on your sites, they are spoiling the illusion that I actually DO anything other than comment on your blogs!

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