3 thoughts on “on open mindedness”

  1. That is quite good and I know I run into my fair share of this. But I do find it cute how it refers to “science” as a homogenous entity and instead of a set of practices that are themselves culturally situated, potentially effected by, say, gender and economic agendas, to name but two real world forces that seem to consistenly impact ‘science’ (or at the very least, impact the ‘uses to which science is put,’ but then separating these out is already to have ceded the argument.) Still, I don’t think this undercuts what the video is trying to express, which I am entirely sympathetic too. It is very frustrating to talk with people who do not understand the idea of “grounds for belief.”

  2. agreed. it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good nonetheless.

    I really just posted it here for one of the antivaccination wingnuts that seems obsessed with posting comments on my blog backing the mindless dangerous drivel of jenny mccarthy and ace ventura…

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