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One of the things I was missing when I switched from Google Reader to Fever˚ was a way to share items from my subscriptions. Fever˚ didn’t have any way to generate a feed of things I saved, so it was kind of a separate silo. But, the most recent version of Fever˚ includes a cool new feature to share my Saved items in an RSS feed. Easy peasy.

Here’s an embedded view of the last 30 saved items, thanks to the magical wondrousness of Feed2JS: (it’ll probably bork in the feed, though. irony.)

There are lots of other features that got added in the last update, including integration with Twitter and Instapaper. Fever˚ just keeps getting better and better…

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  1. D’Arcy I’ve followed you through several RSS readers (some at your recommendation). I’m curious, what is it about this particular reader that makes it A) better than either Google Reader or Blogbridge and B) worth paying for?

    1. For me, I was uncomfortable feeding all of my attention into Google. GReader is free because they get to mine the activity of its users to fine tune the search engine (and more effectively sell ads). I wanted off that ride.

      And, Fever˚ has all of the best features I loved about GReader – web based so I can access it from anywhere without installing anything (BlogBridge required a big java app installed), has a great mobile (i.e, iPhone/iPod Touch) interface, etc…

      It also has a much more refined interface (to my tastes, anyway), and the killer feature is the “Hot” page that pulls together an aggregate listing of links that are getting a lot of attention in any of the posts in the last week or so. Very handy way to see at a glance what’s going on in the places I care about. It also has the concept of “kindling” feeds – stuff you subscribe to but don’t really care about. They don’t show up in the “unread” sections, and help to populate the Hot section links.

      I surprised myself by plunking down $30US on a a web app that 1) costs $30US and 2) isn’t open source. But it doesn’t really matter – I’ve opted out of feeding The Beast, and am still using a great application to help me read feeds more efficiently than ever (I’ve added maybe 50 feed subscriptions since switching).

  2. Hi D’Arcy,

    Love the look of Fever and as I’ve been getting grumpy with google reader I thought I’d take a look. I was getting excited until I found something called Server Compatability test – it looks like Fever is just for those more geeky than me and not for someone who simply reads feeds and wants to change from Google Reader?

    Can you help me understand this?


    1. yeah. it’s a PHP app – not too different from WordPress or Drupal or the like – that you install on your own server (or a shared server such as the one I use). It’s not a desktop app, and requires Apache, PHP and MySQL to run. It’s not rocket surgery to set up, though – if you can set up WordPress or Drupal etc…, you can set up Fever˚.

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