Battlestar Galactica Ringtones for iPhone

1_clumsyphones_adamaOK. I’m a dork. I made some ringtones today to use on my iPhone, based on short clips from Battlestar Galactica. Maybe someone else will find them useful. Please don’t sue me. They were all made from very short sound clips I found online.


I’m using “BSG – Phone Ring” as my ringtone (it’s the sound the telephones make on the ship) and the others are handy alarm notification sounds.

Download the ringtones

6 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica Ringtones for iPhone”

  1. Hi
    Thanks for making these great ringtones! I was wondering if you would make one for me. I’m looking for the cell phone ring tone when Zoe (trapped in Cylon Body) calls her friend Lacy for help on Lacy’s cell phone. I heard Lacy’s ringtone and thought….. how freaking cool! Any chance you are able to get that? Thanks for your response.


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