8 thoughts on “register for northern voice 2010”

  1. I’m sure it will be awesome, always looks like a great event. I’m gong to be in Canada anyway so I did look, but it would have been too much of a rush this year 🙁

    One of these years I will actually go (instead of just buying a ticket and a t-shirt), maybe next year.

    1. it’s a pretty wide range of things – mostly revolving around social media and content creation. there are 2 days of sessions – the first is an unconference called MooseCamp, where anything goes. there have been hands-on photography workshops, art projects, etc… The second day is the Conference Proper, and topics range from intro-to-blogging/etc… to hacking code to more social aspects of stuff. It’s not an education conference, but has a strong edu- leaning. It’s not a tech conference, but is tech-oriented (but people of all backgrounds come, that’s what makes it such a great event)

      Last year’s schedule is still online, but previous years’ websites appear to be slowly degrading due to bitrot…

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