coffee o’clock

the only morning beverage.

2010/04/30: TGIF! To celebrate the end of the week, make an artistic shot of your favorite beverage or libation today. #ds166

I’ve taken similar photos before, but wanted to try something different to see how it turned out. I used the 75-300mm lens (macro at 4.5 feet), put the coffee cup on the floor in the sun, and stood on a chair leaning directly above it to get the shot. 300mm at 4.5′ is very zoomy.

2 thoughts on “coffee o’clock”

  1. Thanks, Tara. I mostly use a Canon XT (nothing fancy), or my iPhone. No high end gear here. The sharpness comes from having enough light, a stable enough hand (or tripod), and taking several shots to be able to pick the sharpest of the bunch. I think I took about 5 shots to get this one. The others were slightly softer, or I’d tried focusing on different parts (the lip of the cup, the top or bottom of the curve, etc…)

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