on managing a campus blogging platform

Several times this week, I’ve received emails from users of UCalgaryBlogs. Awesome. People are really getting into it. These emails were asking for plugins and themes to be installed. Perfect! I put my email address in the header of the Dashboard for just that purpose – it’s super-simple for all users to get in touch with me for any purpose.

I realized with each of these emails, that it takes longer to respond “I’ll get to your request as soon as possible” than it does to just go into the admin dashboard and install what they’re asking. Seriously. It’s actually **easier** and **faster** to go ahead and implement new functionality, than it is to write an email to tell them that I’ll get to it ASAP.

3 times, I actually started writing the “Cool! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into installing the Super Awesome Plugin That Does What You Need first thing tomorrow.”

3 times, I realized I could just pop into the Plugins section of the Dashboard, click “Add New” and install it in under a minute. It takes longer to write the polite email to explain potential delays, than it does to just go ahead and do it right then and there.

I love that.