2 thoughts on “there’s a new wizard in town”

  1. Now, if I didn’t know say better I would think you are creatively stalking me. And given you know better, you are aware that I love it!!!

    Man, you are going nuts thus far, and I have to say your animated gifs rock, particularly the one of me 🙂 What I need to know from you is how you got the quality so high? What is your method? I’ve looked at a bunch, and Woodward is using Photoshop, which I don;t have, and was hoping you were using something free or cheap so that I can ape your method. I think having the animated large and high quality makes all the difference for effect, and you got that.

    1. Who says I’m not stalking you? I’m vicariously traveling across the Italian countryside right now…

      I used ImageMagick on the command line to make the Quest for Quicksand gif (after yanking screen grabs from the movie playing on my iPhone, because the desktop player asserted DRM to prevent me from doing what I wanted).

      The Reverend Devilhorns gif was, I hate to say, done in Photoshop. I couldn’t find a way to set the frame duration using ImageMagic. I tried a few other options first, but Photoshop got it done. I miss Fireworks. That had some really kickass animation tools.

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