6 thoughts on “the king’s speech”

    1. I just posted an alternate version – I struggled with the emphasis on the microphone. I think I might like the new version better, with the microphone more prominent than the crown, blocking it…

      1. monochrome grey with shadow looks slick, but the story was about the power the microphone had over the new king, and how it overshadowed everything else for him. In a big way, the movie was more about the microphone than the crown.

        1. Yeah,

          I haven;t seen the movie, but loved your first one, and your second one, just wondering if the gray on gray might not make a cool combined icon with crown and mic, how the two become one…you know, that kinda crap 🙂

  1. I vote for #2. I agree, he was so terrified of speaking that I like how prominent the microphone is. Surprisingly, it was scarier than being king and heading into war. Nice.

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